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Biometric Solutions

Key Features
Area entrance and exit control
Personal characteristics
Ability to receive reports in slice time frames
High Security

Purpose of Usage & Application Areas
Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's unique physical and behavioral characteristics. Laboratories, hospitals, prisons, airports, data centers, banks etc. with high security needs. Biometric access control systems, which are preferred primarily in areas, are systems that allow them to entering and leaving by using features such as fingerprint, iris, eye, vein, palm, voice, face.

High Security
One of the benefits of a biometric access control system is that it’s far more difficult for someone to gain entry using someone else’s ID. A key or access card can be passed on or stolen, and information such as passwords and PINs can be shared, seen or overheard. But it’s much harder to use someone else’s fingerprint or iris to gain access.

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