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Long-Range Automatic Vehicle Access (Passive)

Long-range UHF readers and tags for vehicle identification

Key Features
Long Range Vehicle Identification
UHF RFID Technology
 Operating with passive UHF tags
Suitable for environment conditions readers and tags
 One hundred precent accuracy
Nedap & Atitek Assurance

Application Areas and Purpose of Usage 
Long-Range Automatic Vehicle Access (Passive) based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Specifically designed for convenient secure long range access identification in every parking facility, gated community and campus. The vehicle's special tag or card is introduced to the system and the vehicle is authorized to access. Introduced vehicles can access the area. 

NEDAP & ATİTEK Assurance
NEDAP uPASS readers and tags offer high security solutions with hundred percent accuracy. NEDAP uPASS tags can only be used in one vehicle for top level security. Tags become unusable when removed.

Extensive portfolio of readers and tags for every situation.

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